Why the iPhone 11 is the best phone for most people

Not all people want three lenses and a four-digit price tag on their new phone. Apple’s latest-generation iPhone 11 is the best phone to buy right at the moment.

Let’s talk about why the $699 iPhone 11 is going to be the best phone for most people.

The cameras


Unlike last year’s iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 packs two great cameras: the primary 12-megapixel sensor with an f/1.8 aperture and a second f2.4 aperture 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens which allows you to take magnificent shots with more in the scene.
 The main camera on the 11 is the same as in the more expensive 11 Pros. It captures very impressive photos, but now it has three times faster autofocus in low-light, a new feature named semantic rendering, a better Smart HDR, and plenty of other small improvements. The all-new ultra-wide-angle allows you to take even more mesmerizing and stunning photos as shown here:

Additionally, the flash on the iPhone 11 also gets around 35 percent brighter than before. A new feature in the iPhone 11 is called Night mode. This new camera feature allows your phone to take great photos in low-light conditions by taking a longer exposure, anywhere from a couple second to 28 if you’re in a pitch black room. Here’s a photo taken using Night mode on the iPhone 11 (right) compared to the same image without Night mode being used (left):


Keep in mind if you’re going for a longer exposure time you may want to place your phone on a tripod to get the most stabilized image possible unless you’ve got the hands of a Swiss watchmaker in which case you won’t be needing a tripod.

A super-powerful processor

Apple has further the chip in the latest iPhone. This year’s iPhone 11 comes equipped with the latest A13 Bionic, which shows substantial gains over the previous A12 Bionic. Apple claims their new A13 Chip boats the fastest CPU and GPU ever in a smartphone. They’ve made the chip so much more powerful, and have managed to make it even more power-efficient, turning us to our next point.


The great battery life

Even with the 2018 iPhone XR, people were already happy with the battery life, yet Apple has gone the extra mile and added another hour onto the battery life. The battery inside the phone is a 3,110 mAh battery, compared to the 2,940 mAh battery found inside the iPhone XR.


The iPhone 11 charges via the lighting port on the bottom of the phone, and while it has support for fast-charging, a fast-charging power brick is not included in the box, unlike the iPhone 11 Pros. We’re sure that unless you’re constantly on your phone, you’ll be more than satisfied with the battery life on this iPhone. Additionally, the iPhone 11 can be charged wirelessly with a wireless charging pad.

The colors

With the iPhone 11, you can choose from six totally fabulous colors: Black, White, Yellow, Green, Purple or Product (Red). Apple sells clear cases, so you can keep your phone protected while showing it off to your friends.


These colors look totally stunning in real life, and you won’t be able to get an of these in the iPhone 11 Pros. With the aluminum back on the iPhone 11, it’s also a very durable phone, which can handle a couple of drops with no problem.


Apple is selling the iPhone 11 for $699. That’s an improvement over even the iPhone XR, which retailed for $749. This phone has great value for its price, and this is going to be the phone for most people if they’re not interested in selling a limb to be able to afford the big price tag on the iPhone 11 Pros.

iphone 11


We think that the iPhone 11 is going to be the right choice for most people. It packs amazing performance, great cameras, awesome colors, and all-day battery life, for a smaller price tag. It’s going to last you for many years, and we don’t think you’ll regret picking this one up if you just need an upgrade.

What are your thoughts on the iPhone 11?

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