What is Apple Watch Studio?

With the release of the new Apple Watch Series 5, Apple introduced alongside it Apple Watch Studio. You can now take the personalization of your watch much further than ever before.

In a nutshell, what this new service allows you to do is take any Apple Watch Series 5 case in either the 40 or 44mm sizes, and pair it with any watch band you like. The result is over a 1000 possible combinations, so you will surely find something that suits your style.

When you enter the Apple Watch Studio, you are presented with a clean-looking interface, leaving you to customize your very own watch. The same experience happens in physical Apple Stores.

Apple Watch Studio Opening Screen

Now is the time to unleash your creativity side! You can choose between 40mm and 44mm watch sizes, different watch casings like Titanium or Ceramic, and pair it with any band you like. Here we chose the 44mm Ceramic case with the Pride Edition Sport loop.

Apple Watch Studio Choose Band

After you’ve chosen your favorite watch combination, you are prompted to click on the blue “I’m Done” button. You can now see the final overview of your choices, choose if you’d like cellular connectivity on your watch (Aluminum model only), and add it to your shopping cart, where you can proceed to checkout.

Apple Watch Studio I'm Done Screen

Apple Watch Studio will give you a good idea of what your Apple Watch will look like. Additionally, before if you wanted a watch and band combination that wasn’t offered, you would have to buy them separately. Now you can make one purchase you will be happy with instead of needing to buy an extra band.

You can access Apple Watch Studio right here, or visit an Apple Store where it’s also available.

Apple Watch Studio In Store (1)

Apple Watch Studio is currently available for the latest Series 5 and only in certain countries.

In conclusion, Apple Watch Studio will be a great addition in helping you make your purchase, giving you more customization and a better look at how your Apple Watch will look. You can also directly get the Series 5 through Amazon here.

Are you a fan of this new service?

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