Top 5 reasons to get the Apple Watch Series 5

You may be in the market for an Apple Watch, but not sure on weather the series 5 is the right buy for you. Here are our top 5 reasons for why you should pick the Series 5 up today.

1: An always-on display

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Series 5 is the new always-on display.

The watch screen is on at all times as a result, projecting the current time in hours and minutes and keeping complications running. It uses a brand-new low-temperature Polycrystalline Oxid OLED display, and it manages to keep its all day battery life with the new ability to set the refresh rate of the display to Hz. This has been a longtime highly-requested feature from the Apple Watch community, seeing as it was silly that you would have to raise your wrist to see the time, instead of being able to quickly glance at it.

2: More casing options

This September Apple added two extra casing options exclusively for the Series 5: the all-new Titanium and the refreshed Ceramic case options.


These new casings look stunning, but Apple is also keeping the Stainless Steel and Aluminum models. Additionally with the new Apple Watch Studio, you can choose any case with any band you like without having to order extra bands after. However Apple Watch Studio is only available for the Series 5.

3: More on-board storage

Last year’s Apple Watch Series 4 came with 16 GB of storage. Now the Apple Watch Series 5 comes with 32 GB. You might be thinking that 16 GB would be enough for you.


However, with the release of watchOS 6 and the built-in App Store on it, you might find yourself downloading dozens of apps onto your watch, and you’d quickly realize that those 16 GB would run out quicker than you thought. We recommend you future-proof your watch by going with the 32 GB on the Series 5.

4: A built-in Compass

Now  a compass might not seem like such a big feature, but it’s a big improvement overall to your Apple Watch.


You can tell the direction solely with your Apple Watch, and with the compass navigation with Maps has become more reliable. Keep in mind that bands with magnets in them can make the results of the compass less accurate. This also counts for any other compass. Also, the compass is available as three different watch face complications and it has its own app.

5: International Emergency Calling

Perhaps the most underrated feature of the Apple Watch Series 5 is the Worldwide Emergency SOS feature.

No matter your cellular plan, with the Apple Watch Series 5, you can call local emergency services even without your phone. This feature is a big plus for anyone who travels abroad a lot, who can now rest assured that they’ll be able to get help almost anywhere in the world. To call Emergency Services, just press and hold the side button.

That’s it for our Top 5 reasons to get the Apple Watch Series 5. What is your favorite feature?

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