The smaller Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a redesigned battery

Apple’s latest and greatest Series 5 is here, and it’s amazing. At first look, the watch hasn’t changed but once you open up the watch there are some big changes.

In a recent tear down, iFixit found that the 40mm version of the Apple Watch Series 5 comes with metal encased battery. This is new compared to other Apple Watches, which use the standard black pouch.


Pictured above, we can see the inside of the watch itself. The reason for the change of casing might be because the new metal-like casing is more space efficient than other models, and this extra space goes a long way in a device of this size.

With the extra space and new casing, the watch benefits from a 10 percent increase in physical battery size and a battery which is less prone to damage and punctures. Apple has patented this design, with it saying that the outside case could be made out of aluminium, nickel, steel as well as other alloys.


Not only do these welcoming changes come with the the new battery, but because of the metal casing the battery is screwed in. This will make battery replacements for the 40mm Series 5 in the future much easier and less frustrating than before because in most devices the lithium-ion battery is held inside a black pouch which is glued on.

The battery remains of its rectangle form. It is not yet clear weather Apple is only implementing this design for the smaller Series 5, or if in the future it will continue to roll out this battery casings design for the Series 6 or other products entirely.


What are your thoughts on if this battery casing design will hold exclusive for the smaller Apple Watch Series 5?

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