The new iPhone 11 Pros have the best battery life ever

The release of the iPhone 11 series was nothing short of astounding. There were many great features introduced with it, but perhaps one of the biggest upgrades is the battery life.

This year, we saw the biggest jump in iPhone battery performance since the introduction of the iPhone: a whopping 4 and 5 extra hours respectively for the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max as Apple claims.


This new record is made possible thanks to two main reasons.

A bigger battery

No surprise here, one of the reasons for the extra battery life is the bigger batteries inside the phones. For the iPhone 11 Pro, we see a 3190 mAh battery, but the one that really takes the cake is the iPhone 11 Pro, with an enormous 3969 mAh battery, This is really exciting news for the iPhone, which was never exactly notorious for its battery life. A tear down by iFixit shows that the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max stay with the same L-shaped battery design, cramming the most battery physically possible inside them. This design has been used since the release of the iPhone X in 2017.


If you want to watch iFixit tear open the iPhone 11 Pro, you can do so here, and interestingly it was revealed that the 11 Pro has 2 battery connecters, possibly for bilateral charging. Now let’s talk about the second and more innovative reason for the better battery life.

A power managing unit

This year, Apple created their new Power managing unit. It intelligently analyses the device, and for each task it tells the CPU and GPU how much power is needed to perform this task the most efficiently possible. Thanks to this new PMU, we are now presented with a couple extra and much appreciated hours of battery life. The A13 bionic chip is also the most powerful chip ever in the iPhone.


Without surprise there have already been battery tests for the new iPhones made. Youtuber Maini has a showdown between all three new iPhone 11 models, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+, and the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Out of all these phones the Mate 30 Pro had the largest battery with a very impressive 4500 mAh.

At the end of the intensive test, it’s revealed that the iPhone 11 Pro Max lasts the longest, with a total time of 8 hours and 32 minutes. Even the most pro users would have trouble draining that battery in a day. If you want to watch the video for more details, you can do so here.


It’s safe to say all the years of complaining about your iPhone battery not lasting have finally paid off, because Apple has listened and answered, making sure you’ll never need to charge twice in a day. The new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are available for order here, starting at $999 and $1099 respectively for the base 64 GB storage configuration.

What do you think about the new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max battery life?


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