The 5 most useful watch faces on Apple Watch

With dozens of options to choose from, picking your favorite watch face can be a challenge. We’ve gone through all of them and sorted out our top 5 picks on which watch faces are the most useful.

1: Infograph

Last year, Apple introduced the infograph watch face for the Series 4. The watch display took full advantage of the bigger screen, fitting a whopping eight complications: four in the center, and one in each corner of the display. This watch face is particularly useful for displaying things like battery percentage, UV index, the date among many others. There are plenty of options to choose from, so you can customize it just for your needs.


2: Activity

This watch face is perfect for those of you that are looking to lose some weight or just better track your movement throughout the day. On the watch face itself, you can see the time up to the second, your total calories burned today, your move goal progress as well as your stand goal. There’s also space for three complications for quick access to apps such as your music, heart rate monitor or workouts, but you can choose others.


3: Meridian

Think of this watch face as the Infograph’s little brother. It has a very similar design, but the difference is it only portrays four complications. Still, it’s very useful, gets the job done and ultimately, looks super stylish with that cleaner look.


4: Modular Compact

This particular watch face is a bit different. It looks a bit like a robot, with a simple clock in the upper right-hand corner, two complications on the upper left of the screen, and one large complication all the way along the bottom. This watch face is especially useful if you’re out in the woods and want to always have a compass ready at a glance to know what direction you’re going.

5: Siri

The Siri watch face is great. You have an assistant, always at your service. You can easily check the time or the date in the upper-right hand corner, however, bellow that is where the watch face really shines. You see complications tailored specifically to what’s relevant to your situation. You can see things like timers, traffic alerts, notifications, breaking news, and many other things. We recommend trying this one out to see how you like it.


That’s it for our top 5 Apple Watch watch faces. Keep in mind that some of these watch faces are only available on newer models, so check to see if your watch supports it.

What are your favorite watch faces?





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