Should you buy the new Apple Watch Ultra?

The Apple Watch Ultra is the top dog in Apple’s watch lineup. It features the biggest, brightest, toughest display, a suite of sensors, and the best battery life in an Apple Watch ever. But is it worth spending $800 over this watch?

First, let’s figure out what makes the Apple Watch Ultra an attractive purchase option:

  • The largest, brighter screen: it also comes with exclusive watch faces and a special all-red night mode face.
  • Longest battery life ever in an Apple Watch (best for ultra-athletes) that can last up to 72 hours
  • Orange action button for instant actions or shortcuts
  • Temperature sensing, blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, heart rate sensor
  • Siren, that can get up to 89dB loud, useful in extreme situations
  • Cellular connectivity, providing maximum reliability
  • A super-durable titanium chassis, and 3 exclusive watch-bands custom tailored to your preferred sport.

We think that if you’re upgrading from a Series 6 or older, and you’re regularly active with some extra cash to spend, then the Apple Watch Ultra is a viable upgrade to your current watch.

If you’re already rocking a Series 7 or newer, or if you don’t see yourself feeling the urge to hit ultra-long workouts or be off the grid for days at a time, then there’s truly no need to splurge on the ultra. On top of that, it’s physically Apple’s biggest watch yet, so there’s no guarantee it’ll feel comfortable on your wrist. We would always recommend trying it on before making a decision to purchase, though.

Which model of the Apple Watch do you currently use? Let us know!

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