It’s confirmed: Sleep Tracking is coming to the Apple Watch

Sleep tracking has been a highly requested feature from the Apple Watch community for years now, and now, we’re getting it.

Recently, a user spotted a screenshot of the Alarm app of the Apple Watch, but what sets this screenshot apart is the fact that there is a reference to a Sleep app. This is going to be the first Sleep tracking app directly from Apple, seeing as it wasn’t announced with the Apple Watch Series 5. If you want a sleep tracker on your wrist today, there are some nice third-party apps like Sleep++ or AutoSleep.


It’s unlikely that this feature will be available with the Apple Watch Series 5 because it’s battery has not been proven to be as lasting as that of the Series 3 and 4 especially. We know for sure now that this feature is going to be released, but maybe only in September of next year, with the Apple Watch Series 6, because of new hardware and better battery life, which would allow it to track your sleep throughout the night on a single charge. To track your sleep, you will need to use the Sleep App on the Apple Watch.


Sleep tracking is going to be an important health feature on the Apple Watch Series 6 and will let you improve your sleeping habits.

What are your thoughts on Apple Watch sleep tracking?

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