Apple Watch Series 5 Weight Comparison

There has never been a better time to buy an Apple Watch, but you might be interested in how heavy the computer you’re going to be wearing on your wrist every day is going to be.

Apple has introduced all-new titanium case options (Titanium and Space Black Titanium), along with a nice refresh of the ceramic cases as well. Of course no matter your case option, all internal hardware will be the same.



Below, we have created a chart of the weights for the different casings of the 40 and 44mm variants (in grams). Due to the larger size, the 44mm variants are going to be a bit

If you want the lightest Apple Watch available, you will have to go with the Aluminum version. The heaviest Apple Watch still remains the Stainless Steel version, at 47.8 grams for the 44mm version.
Interestingly, Apple also developed a custom alloy for the Titanium model, giving it special treatment and a brushed look. If you want to go for the cleanest look, you should go for the Ceramic model with its gorgeous white finish.
Here are the starting prices for each model:
Aluminum: $399
Stainless Steel: $699
Titanium: $799
Ceramic: $1,299
Aluminium: $429
Stainless Steel: $749
Titanium: $849
Ceramic: $1,349
If you want to get the Apple Watch Series 5, you can do so here. It will be available starting on the 20th of September. Will you get the Series 5? Does weight affect your buying decision? Let us know in the comments.
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