An iPhone SE 2 is coming

When the iPhone SE was announced in March of 2016, it was the latest phone in a small and compact package, but times have changed, and yet the phone hasn’t.


The iPhone SE was released only a couple of months after the iPhone 6S. It made a lot of people happy because you could have the fastest processor from Apple, and touch ID in a 4-inch phone, which Apple had stopped releasing after the iPhone 6 announcement.


Rumors initially speculated that the iPhone SE 2 would come in the iPhone 5s form factor, with an iPhone X front design. The phone was also evidently expected to boast face ID, Apple’s latest facial recognition system.


Sadly, this design will most likely not be present on the iPhone SE 2. Ming-Chi Kuo reported that the next iPhone SE will have a slightly bigger 4.7-inch display and a glass back much like the iPhone 8 one, so Touch ID is going to be present as well. This is disappointing for some people, who wanted the all-screen design on this phone with Face ID.


On a better note, the phone will feature Apple’s latest insanely fast A13 Bionic chipset, 3 GB of memory, a bigger battery, and support for wireless charging.


Apple is set to release this new device in Q1 of 2020. The price point is likely to start at around $399 with a storage capacity of 64 GB and it will retain similar colorways to the iPhone 8. The release of this new device will mean the iPhone 8 will no longer be sold on Apple’s official website.


The iPhone SE is long due for an upgrade, and the second version will be a great device for users that don’t care about the latest features of the flagship iPhones or that just want a smaller phone, and it would be a great move for Apple, making more affordable phones to reach a wider audience.

Are you excited about the upcoming iPhone SE 2?

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