6 Ways an Apple Watch is an improvement to your Health

The Apple Watch is a remarkable device, one so personal you’re wearing it almost all the time. Today I’m going to cover 10 ways an Apple Watch can be a big improvement to your health.

1: Activity Rings

A very important health feature of any Apple Watch is the activity rings. Every day, your goal is to close your rings by completing your stand, exercise and move goals.


To make sure you don’t forget about your activity rings, your Apple Watch will send a notification to remind you to get moving. Many users love this feature and say it has helped them get much healthier just closing those three rings each day. If you close all your rings, you can earn different achievement badges to motivate you to keep going.


Another cool part of the activity rings is the ability to start competitions. You can start competitions between family and friends to see who can be the most active during a period. The winner will get an achievement badge. This feature is useful also for other things, for example deciding who’s paying for dinner tomorrow night.

2: ECG

An electrocardiogram is a test that records the timing and strength of the electrical signals that make the heartbeat.


By looking at an ECG, a doctor can gain insights about your heart rhythm and look for irregularities. This feature can be very helpful: people have been notified by their Apple Watch of heart rhythm problems and been able to seek help before anything bad happens. This is something that could never be achieved on other smartwatches. You can record an ECG in the built-in app on your watch but keep in mind this feature is only available on Apple Watch Series 4 and 5.

3: Fall Detection

 A very important and life-saving feature of the Apple Watch is the fall detection. Using its sensors, your Apple Watch can automatically detect if you’ve taken a hard fall and will ask if you want to call emergency services.
If you don’t cancel it, the watch will call emergency services after about a minute, and notify all emergency contacts that you have taken a fall and will send them your location. Many lives have been saved because of this feature for people who took a hard fall and couldn’t get help without the Apple Watch. To turn on this feature, head into your watch setting on your iPhone. This feature is only available for Apple Watch Series 4 and 5.

4: Noise App

With the official release of watchOS 6, a new noise app has come to the Apple Watch.


The app will monitor the noise levels around you, and let you know if it could be causing harm to your ears. This is very useful to prevent long-term damage to your hearing. The noise app is also available as a complication on your watch face so you can quickly check if the sound levels around you are ok. This feature is available for anyone with watchOS 6, meaning anyone with an Apple Watch Series 1 or above.

5: UV Index

Were you about to head out of the house, and weren’t sure whether you needed to apply sunscreen or not?


Don’t worry. The Apple Watch has got you covered. The Series 4 and above can tell you the day’s UV Index. Reading in the 6 to 7 range indicates that unprotected skin will be at risk outdoors and that you should apply sunscreen. This is a nice feature for those with sensitive skin, who want to make sure they’ll be safe when they head outdoors. The UV Index is available as a complication for the watch faces.

6: Meditation

Although there is no built-in meditation app yet, there are some great third-party alternatives like Headspace.


You can enter the app and have a quick meditating session to help you regain calm if you need it. Also, with the new built-in App Store on watchOS 6, you can easily download Headspace right from your Apple Watch. This is a cool little feature to help you get through your day.



Even though we didn’t cover some things like the worldwide emergency SOS calling and the cycle tracker, we can see that the Apple Watch is an essential device for your health and safety. You’re motivated every day to close your rings, and know you’re always going to be safe with your Watch on hand. If you haven’t gotten an Apple Watch yet, you should get one quickly.

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