This Apple Watch App could be your next Workout Companion

If you’re looking for a workout companion on your Apple Watch, then look no further because this app has everything you need and a bunch of extra features.

Dash Timer is an elegant and useful Workout Companion. This app is very easy-to-use with simple touch controls, intuitive swipe gestures and the absence of small buttons for you to hassle around with during an intensive workout. In short, the user interface is well designed and thought-out.


Directly from the starting screen, you can easily see your heart rate, control your music, and open a workout. If you want to start a workout, you can swipe up on the main menu and select the workout you want: outdoor run, track & field, a strength training session or another workout of your choice. Once you have initiated the workout, you can immediately see the duration of your workout, distance traveled, time for your current mile and your previous mile split (you can change to kilometers in the settings). Additionally, you can also see your current heart rate, average heart rate, bpm range and calories burned and lap controls if you’re on an outdoor run. This becomes very central for people watching their heart, or simply monitoring their own endurance.


Now onto the extra features.

For block starts, you can set the Dash App to give a “SET” command followed by a starting pistol sound.

If you’re in a track & field workout, you can set timed haptics on your Apple Watch to make sure you’re keeping on time. However this can also be used by weightlifters for timing their rest intervals or individual reps. You can customize your settings to change the look of the app, workout type and measurement units and more.

This app was designed exclusively for your Apple Watch rather than being a compromised version of an iPhone app. This is something rarely found in Apple Watch apps. Dash Timer stores all of your data from your workouts in the Health app on your iPhone. If you want to use this app, you must have watchOS 5 or later downloaded on your Apple Watch.

In conclusion, Dash Timer is an amazing and very helpful app, built specifically for the Apple Watch and all the extra functionality really helps you train better during workouts. Dash Timer will receive more feature updates soon, so stay tuned.

If you want to up the ante on your workout, get Dash Timer in the App Store for only $1.99 today (no subscription required). To get a look at all features, head over to their website.

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