Workout smart with your Apple Watch

Following Apple’s announcement of introducing smart gym equipment, which can exchange data with your Apple Watch, the first steps of taking on that new direction are promising.

We have written lots of posts about how the Apple Watch can help you monitor your health and fitness and we have seen that those tools have been very beneficial to users. However through the introduction of Apple’s GymKit, that data and what you can get from it will be more accurate than ever.

Apple Watch Gym Kit

The Independent talks about their experiences with the GymKit in the newly configured Technogym equipment at Virgin Active Health Club in London’s Mansion House. Technogym’s equipment, which is already found at gyms elsewhere can be made compatible with GymKit through a quick upgrade if it is not already connected.

What this connection with gym equipment and your Apple Watch brings, is more precise data collection, such as the incline on the treadmill that you’re running on. The Apple Watch’s barometer would pick that up if you were to run uphill outside. However if your Watch is connected to the treadmill that you’re using, this data will be shared with your Apple Watch, giving you more accurate readings about your activity.

You can connect your Apple Watch to your gym equipment at any point in your workout by simply tapping a tag on the GymKit equipment to start sharing between your equipment and your watch. You can then get an overlook on your workout by checking on the type of equipment you were using, heart rate, time, distance, etc. This also gives great benefits to personal trainers to accurately monitor progress.

As was seen at Virgin Active, the connection between GymKit equipment and your Apple Watch runs seamlessly and gives you greater and more accurate insights in your workouts. You can expect to see GymKit equipment more and more!

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