Why you should buy the Apple Watch Series 3

With the release of the latest Apple Watch Series 5, Apple has discounted the Series 3 even further, and here’s why you should get it.

Why should you get a Series 3?

It has all the best features.

With the Series 3, you’re not missing out on anything too important. You can track all your most intensive workouts, even your swimming sessions, and have it all sync directly to your iPhone. It tells the time, sends you notifications, measures your heartbeat, and is your all-day companion with 18-hour battery life.

It has LTE Capabilities

You can be sure that you’re staying connected on the go because with the Series 3, you can get a cellular version. That means you can make calls directly from your watch without the need for an iPhone, or stream music on a run to a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

All-day Battery life

Don’t think for a second that the Series 3 is a slouch in the battery department. It delivers an impressive 18-hour battery life. That’s the same as in the latest Apple Watch Series 5!


It looks nice too

If you want to look good while wearing the Series 3, it’s got your back, or should we say your wrist. You can wear it in gold, silver or space gray. There are also many bands you can customize your Watch with.


The price

The Apple Watch Series 3 is only $200!  That’s a great deal less than the eye-watering $399 Apple Watch Series 5. And with the holidays just around the corner, you can expect to see some great deals on this device, so stay tuned! It could be a great opportunity to get yourself or someone else a treat.

watchOS 6

You can install Apple’s latest watchOS on the Series 3. WatchOS 6 brings many new features and improvements like an App Store, a calculator app, a noise app for monitoring the sound levels around you, and much more. These features can totally make the Series 3 fell like a brand-new watch!

That’s it for the main reasons you should get an Apple Watch Series 3! What do you think about it?