Which watchface would you like to exist on Apple Watch?

Ever since the original Apple Watch came our in 2015, Apple has steadily expanded the quality and amount of watchfaces. WatchOS 5 currently features 27 unique watch faces with many different color options, and custom complications.


For a long time the Apple Watch community has requested Apple to allow developers to develop custom watch faces. This has not been possible, and it looks like it is unlikely to happen.

The only way for developers to get their app features into a watchface, is through a complication. But complications are limited in size and features. Imagine some cool game, 3D animations, or work centric watchfaces. Perhaps third party watchfaces will become a reality some day – but admittedly, many of the native Apple Watch watchfaces are great. Get an overview of all existing watchfaces here.

On the other hand, let’s assume that you could create a custom watchface. What would you like to see?

For instance, take a look at this watchface Reddit user bladeshot made:

I made this mockup of watchface I’d love to see someday. Considering wOS beta we won’t get something similar for a next year. I just wish there were more digital watchfaces with complications.
byu/bladeshot inAppleWatch

What are your thoughts on custom Apple Watch watchfaces? Let us know in the comments!