Which Apple Watch Material Looks Best?

Most frequently you will see the classic Aluminum Apple Watch. Unsurprisingly it is the most popular model, because it’s the cheapest one Apple offers. But is it actually the best looking material? What do you think?

We just conducted a Twitter poll, and the results from 173 votes were interesting, and perhaps a bit surprising. First of all the case material preference was relatively equal. 38% said that they prefer Aluminum, 34% said that they prefer Stainless Steel, and 28% said that they prefer the Ceramic case.

The Aluminum Apple Watch is great, because it’s pretty rigid, and not as prone to scratches as Stainless Steel for instance. But I personally love the Stainless Steel case, because it gives the watch a more premium look and feel. Perhaps it is subjective, but the watch is frequently being worn as an accessory, so the case material becomes central in addition to the band.

What’s your favorite case material? Would you want Apple to make an entirely new case material? Let us know!

Apple Watch closeup