WhatsApp on your Apple Watch

There are some key apps which are notoriously missing on the Apple Watch. One of them is WhatsApp. Sure, you will get WhatsApp notifications on your Apple Watch, but that’s right where it ends. Not anymore. An app called WatchUp: for WhatsApp on Watch finally solves this long overdue problem.

In a nutshell, WatchUp enables you to easily read & send WhatsApp messages from your Apple Watch.

Some of our favorite features are its support for images (low-res only), scribble and voice to send a message, and Emoji support! The quick launch complication comes in handy, as well as the adjustable the font-size.

Setting up WatchUp is pretty straightforward:

1. Open the app on your Apple Watch and follow on-screen instructions
2. Goto to the WhatsApp settings & choose Web/Desktop
3. Scan the QR code appearing on your Apple Watch by holding the iPhone at some distance from your Watch.
4. After scanning wait up to 30 seconds for the pairing to complete

The developer just released the app, so improvements will be made in coming updates. To use WatchUp, a paired iPhone and WhatsApp for iOS – including an account – is required.

Download the app here for only $1.99!

WatchUp Apple Watch