What’s your favorite Apple Watch band?

Aside from the case material, the only way to really personalize your Apple Watch is the band. There are tons of interesting options from Apple and third party manufacturers. Material and manufacturing quality differences created different band categories which will fit different occasions.

We would love to know what your favorite Apple Watch band is!

Also take a look at these awesome collections:

I need to stop.. seriously. S2 AWE & S2 SB
byu/Narwhalsbacon97 inAppleWatch

I’m addicted. My band collection (V2)
by inAppleWatch

Since we’re doing band collections…
by inAppleWatch

My SS3 band collection (minus two stuck on the mail) by material… I have a problem
byu/fmier inAppleWatch

A band addict’s band collection
byu/QQueenie inAppleWatch

Apple Watch band collection