What to expect from WWDC

It’s this time of the year again, Apple’s annual WWDC event is around the corner. And it looks like it will be jam packed with exciting new features this time as well. We’re expecting big announcements for iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS.

Since our news platform is centered around the Apple Watch, we want to maintain the focus on it. However here is a short summary of what we might see at tomorrow’s WWDC keynote, on June 4. If you’re interested in a deeper dive into this years WWDC expectations, check out Bloomberg’s recent analysis.

For iOS we are expecting to see some new “Digital Health” features, which show users how they use their Apple devices, and for what period of time. It’s well known that the iPhone has an addictive feel to many, and Apple wants to outline users how they use their devices. Another big topic will be upgrades to Apple’s ARKit. Tim Cook sees AR as a revolutionary technology, so new upgrades are expected to come to the iPhone’s AR features. As always, Apple will surely implement many smaller improvements, which in total will add up to a better user experience.

The Mac might see a tighter integration with iOS. For a long period of time now, it seemed that some Mac apps were neglected by Apple, especially the Mac App Store seems lagging behind (consider Setapp as an alternative).

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Apple Watch

WatchOS 5 is set to arrive, and we can’t wait. Developers have complained for some time about limitations of watchOS. It would be great if developers would have deeper access to the Apple Watch – for instance custom watch faces would be fantastic! Faster app loading times would also be greatly appreciated by users.

Perhaps most notably for users will be the first major design changes about to arrive for the Apple Watch this fall. The Apple Watch is expected to have a larger screen with the overall same form factor. Also existing bands will likely fit the new design. Definitely many users will appreciate this, as they have amassed large collections of Apple Watch bands.

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What would you love to see at tomorrow’s WWDC keynote?