What to expect from the coming Apple Watch Series 4

Nearly two months have passed since Apple introduced watchOS 5, with a series of new and useful features. WatchOS 5 won’t be a major upgrade, but it will be large enough for Apple to deprecate new watchOS support for the original 1st generation 2015 Apple Watch (some people refer to it as Series 0).


Let’s start with Design

If you ask around, you will notice that many people don’t like the fact that the design of the Apple Watch has remained the same since its original launch. And from all leaks so far, it looks like the design will also largely stay the same for the Series 4 model. However, there will be two noticeable upgrades from the current design.

#1 Larger Display (read more)

As we have reported previously, the coming 38mm and 42mm models will have approximately 15% larger displays, within the same case size. This means that the displays will practically go edge to edge, and potentially be slightly rounded. This would be similar to the current iPhone X, which has a slight bezel, with rounded display corners.

#2 Solid-state buttons (read more)

Like the physically clickable home button on pre iPhone 7 iPhones, the Apple Watch will receive the same treatment. In essence, a physical click will be simulated through the Taptic Engine (which actually works incredibly well on iPhone and MacBook). Sure, there was an adjustment period in the beginning with the iPhone 7, but eventually users loved it. At least we haven’t heard anybody missing it. Secondly, this is another point which can be completely water proofed once the moving parts are removed.

Now let’s talk about Pricing

So far, we have not seen any indication that prices would be changed. As a reminder, the current Series 3 devices retail for (starting at) $329 with GPS, and $399 with GPS and cellular. Even if Apple will decide to change pricing, we don’t expect a major change.


Final thoughts and Release Date

As we have written about it many times, Apple will most likely announce new health features for the Series 4 Apple Watch model. This also means that the processors, and overall performance should improve significantly as well.

Like in the previous years, it is expected that Apple will announce the new Apple Watch models along the updated iPhones. This will most likely take place in September.

What are your thoughts on the Series 4 Apple Watch?