What to expect from the Apple Watch Series 8

Undoubtedly, the Apple Watch changed many people’s lives around the world. From saving lives through emergency connectivity to amazing fitness apps reminding you to move your body, to health sensors giving you vital health data.


So far, there are not too many details known on the upcoming details of the Apple Watch Series 8. Everything we will break down should be taken with a grain of salt.


There were many rumors in the past, even on the current Apple Watch Series 7. However, so far there has not been a major shift in design. The corners are rounded, the form factor stayed roughly the same, and the screen size increased most importantly.

However, there are many renders and rumors floating around, that the Apple Watch Series 8 might feature flat edges. This could be an interesting deviation from all previous models. Though we believe this might seem too “tacky”, and Apple might stick with the warmer and smoother rounded edges (as it’s been in all models since the original Apple Watch in 2015).

Take a look at how this could look *theoretically*.


Some rumors also say that Apple might launch a rugged version of the Apple Watch, meant for more extreme outdoor activities.

Health & Sensors

The current Apple Watch Series 7, already has a bunch of high-end sensors in a tiny form factor. Most notably, it packs:

  • Blood oxygen sensor (became especially critical during COVID)
  • Electrical heart sensor
  • Third-generation optical heart sensor

With these sensors, Apple’s own and third-party software can detect a series of health conditions.

However, this is not all Apple has planned. There are some advancements in sensors technology, which Apple will likely integrate. This way, the Apple Watch will become an indispensable part of people’s health product suite.

We expect Apple to integrate:

  • Body temperature sensor
  • Blood glucose sensor

However, it’s not clear when and if these sensors can be integrated in the next watch version. Of course, we would love to see them, as they could save lives, with software analyzing large amounts of your own health data!


Advanced Apple Bands

Apple constantly files for various patent applications, and most never make it to actual products. It should still be noted, that Apple filed patents for advanced Apple Watch bands, which carry sensors or other tech in them, like mini LED’s or displays. Integrating tech into the straps themselves makes sense, as they currently carry no function except for aesthetics.


What are your expectations from the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8? Let us know in the comments.