What do you want in next year’s Apple Watch Series 4?

As early rumors about next year’s Apple Watch Series 4 start to make circles, we wanted to ask you what you want from the next generation Apple Watch. Obviously Apple will retain many of the features of the current Series 3. Do you expect a significant redesign, or just an internal update? Let us know in the comments!

Here are our thoughts:

  • Health: Apple will focus even more on health and fitness aspects. Sensors and software can be refined further, and evidently Apple is already making huge steps in this direction.
  • New chips: Apple will undoubtedly upgrade the internal chipset, for a faster and more snappy experience. The Chinese analyst KGI already indicated steps in this direction
  • Battery life improvements: This can actually be two-folded, Apple will likely improve its existing battery and enhance watchOS efficiency. Imagine a two day battery life? How amazing would that be!
  • Better LTE: Currently the cellular Apple Watch Series 3 can only be used with one operator, making international travel challenging in particular. If the Apple Watch could switch in between different networks, then it would become an ideal cellular capable travel companion.
  • A camera? This in particular is an interesting question, as there are many arguments for a camera, e.g. additional flexibility and usefulness without an iPhone, but perhaps it would have significant effects on battery life. Also where could it be integrated into nicely? There is not a whole lot of space.
  • New design: Many things to dream about.

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