We’re launching an iPhone news site soon

With our Apple Watch news site WatchAppList.com, we were able to build the biggest Apple Watch dedicated webpage and community on the web. Originally, I started this project as a small Apple Watch Facebook page.

The idea was simple, but quickly gained traction among a small community of Apple Watch users: aggregating Apple Watch content, and reposting it to our Facebook and Twitter pages. I carefully sourced the web for interesting articles, and usually reposted one every day.

iPhone Apple Watch mockup

Since 2015 WatchAppList grew to 29k+ fans on Facebook and 7k+ Twitter followers. Starting at the end of March we will also produce Instagram content.

We’re still a small media company, AppList Media. What we’re trying to accomplish is to run several high engagement, high growth tech news sites, with a media heavy approach. We will produce a large amount of high quality articles, pictures, and videos for our three properties, WatchAppList, iPhoneApplicationList, and CoinAppList.

Today we’re announcing a completely new iPhone news site iPhoneApplicationList. If you read Apple Watch news here, you will be familiar with the new iPhoneApplicationList. iPAL will provide you with everything you need to know about apps, accessories, and industry related news. Stay tuned! We’re very excited.

Meanwhile, if you think you can contribute in any way, feel free to send us an email at contact@applistmedia.com. We’re looking for potential investors, partners, and contributors.