Waterllama app motivates you to stay hydrated

Waterllama is an indie team from Ukraine behind a simple app for iPhone and Apple Watch. The app motivates people to stay hydrated & happy! With thousands of positive reviews, users are thrilled at the added motivations the app provides them.

Vitalii Mogylevets, an indie designer with over 10 years of experience created Waterllama in Ukraine to achieve a clear goal: to remind you to drink water regularly and to help develop a healthy habit.

A increased water intake has many benefits:

  • Weight loss and healthy skin
  • Improved productivity and mood
  • Relieved fatigue and energy boosts
  • Healthier heart, immune system and brain
  • Improved blood pressure

You can use the Waterllama app to calculate how much you need to drink, according to your activity level, body weight, climate, and gender (male, female, pregnant or breast-feeding mom). Additionally, the app allows you to pick from a selection of drinks to be more precise in your water intake.

You can stay motivated with streaks. The app will allow you to view your intake history as well, so you can see when you’ve been lacking. The team at Waterllama have created a unique set of challenges designed to motivate you to make healthy choices for 10 days: Sober bear, Weight loss sloth, and no Cheat Cheetah are just some of the proposed challenges.

The different daily companions in the app make each day different. There’s a panda, an owls seal, an octopus, and more! It’s a funny touch that makes the experience more pleasing.

Waterllama is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and for M1 MacBooks. The app is available worldwide and is free to download. A paid subscription is also offered with extra features and benefits. You can find out more about Waterllama on their page.

Are you drinking enough water?