WatchOS 7 Visual Concept Brings Much-Needed Features

WatchOS 7 is set to bring many needed improvements to the Apple Watch. BirchTree has already come up with a cool new visual concept for the Apple Watch’s next OS, and it includes features ranging from customizable activity rings to the ability to edit your workouts after you’re finished.

WatchOS 6 was great, however, we find that there’s quite a load of things to be improved with watchOS 7.

Matt Birchler envisions many improvements in watchOS 7. Some of the more important include Sleep Tracking, which Matt believes should not be reserved for the newest Apple Watch, yet instead of making it accessible for multiple generations. Matt’s request last year, he also spoke about this. We could also potentially see customizable activity rings. With this, you could be able to change what you see on your rings, so if Stand Hours bore you, you could choose to see Sleep Hours or Mindful Minutes instead.

Small changes like this to the Apple Watch could really improve the user’s experience since not all people wish to see the same things on their wearable. In the request, Matt also voices his interest in the option to edit workouts after you’ve completed them. This is an especially useful option, which can be important to correct major errors that your Apple Watch has had. It happens to everyone, you’ve forgotten to end your run workout and go to lunch, you’ll end up seeing a 3-hour running workout instead of your real 30-minute running time.

Matt also wishes for the choice to end your workout on your iPhone since sometimes pressing the small button on your Apple Watch is quite hard after you’ve just run your personal best. Next, Matt expresses his interest in the improvement of Apple Watch message replies, since sometimes “Thank You!” or “Text you later!” isn’t the appropriate reply to a serious text. Finally, we want to see the option to see your workout data on iCloud, which can allow for easier sharing and exporting.

If you would like to see the full concept, you can do so here. What would you like to see improved?