WatchOS 10 Will Have a Renewed UI with a Focus on Widgets

Apple is set to release watchOS 10 with major changes, including a new focus on widgets. These changes aim to enhance the user interface and provide quicker access to bits of information.

WatchOS 10

Apple is set to launch watchOS 10, which is expected to feature significant changes to the user interface, according to Bloomberg. The watchOS 10 will include support for widgets as a “central part” of the Apple Watch’s interface. This will allow users to scroll through a series of different widgets for activity tracking, weather, stock tickers, calendar appointments, and more.

WatchOS_10 WatchAppList

Enhanced User Interface

The revamped design of watchOS 10 will be reminiscent of the Siri watch face and similar to “widget stacks” currently available on iPhone and iPad. This design will be available as an overlay for any watch face. The overarching goal of this new design is to give people quicker access to bits of information without requiring them to open up dedicated apps.

Digital Crown Functionality

Apple is considering changing the function of the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown. In the current version of watchOS, pressing the Digital Crown takes you to the Apple Watch’s home screen. However, in watchOS 10, Apple is testing having the Digital Crown open up the new widgets interface instead. This change is similar to the original “Glances” feature of the Apple Watch. In the initial release of watchOS, Glances appeared when you swiped up from the bottom of the Apple Watch. The feature made it quick to access relevant notifications, from both Apple and third-party apps, but it was ultimately abandoned by Apple in future watchOS updates.

Supported Devices and Release Date

WatchOS 10 is expected to be compatible with all Apple Watch models, including the latest Apple Watch Series 8. The release date for watchOS 10 has not yet been announced, but it is expected to launch alongside the new Apple Watch Series 8 later this year.

In a Nutshell

The revamped design of watchOS 10 with a focus on widgets will enhance the user interface of the Apple Watch, providing quick access to relevant information without requiring dedicated apps. With the potential change to the Digital Crown’s functionality, the Apple Watch is set to become more user-friendly, making it a valuable tool for everyday use.

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