watchOS 10: Big Apple Watch Improvements Are Coming

Anticipating the Next Apple Watch Update

The time for watchOS 10 is approaching, and with the Apple Watch receiving some serious hardware upgrades in 2022, we can’t help but get excited about what Apple might have in store for the next edition of its wearable operating system.

Launch and Release Expectations

Since its debut in 2015, the Apple Watch has shifted its focus from communication to fitness. As we head into WWDC 2023 on June 5, followed by the rumored Apple Watch Series 9 in the fall, we hope to see the return of some favorite features and the introduction of long-awaited ones.

Compatible Models and Devices

We expect watchOS 10 to be announced at WWDC 2023, followed by a release alongside Apple Watch Series 9 and possibly an Apple Watch Ultra Series 2 in the fall. Compatible models are likely to include the Apple Watch SE, Series 4 to 8, the 2nd Generation Apple Watch SE, and the Apple Watch Ultra.

Desirable New Features

As watchOS reaches double digits, it’s time for Apple to refine certain features and introduce some highly-requested ones, particularly with the larger screen on Apple Watch Ultra giving developers more space to work with.

Third-Party Watch Faces

One long-requested feature is third-party watch faces. While users have been able to install third-party apps since watchOS 2, Apple has not allowed watch faces to be distributed in the App Store. Allowing developers to create dedicated watch faces would provide better customization options for users.

apple watch watchface

Weather Watch Face

Another feature we’d like to see is a weather-centric watch face. With the redesigned weather app on iOS, having a watch face animated in the same way would be visually appealing and practical for users.

Time Travel Returns

The return of Time Travel, a feature removed in watchOS 5, would also be welcome. Using the crown of the Apple Watch to check on upcoming appointments and weather would be convenient for users who rely on their watch for scheduling.

Improved Camera Remote App

The camera app on watchOS is another area that could use improvement. An updated app could take advantage of the extra lenses on iPhones, offering more controls such as switching to Portrait Mode, Cinema Mode, and enabling the flash.

Introducing Rest Days

Lastly, the introduction of rest days within the Fitness app would be a valuable addition. Rest days are common in fitness routines, and allowing users to pause their streaks when needed would be a significant improvement.

The Future of watchOS

While rumors suggest that the Apple Watch Series 9 might be a minor release focusing on a faster chip, this could be the perfect opportunity for Apple to bring big fixes and changes to watchOS. The introduction of these features would help watchOS 10 mature into an even more useful companion on your wrist, giving you the rest days you deserve to keep those streaks going.