Walmart discounts Series 3 to $149 all-time-low price

In their best deal yet, Walmart has put a new Series 3’s for sale on their website for the all-time-low price of $149. Being twice as cheap as the next best Apple Watch SE coming in at $299, it’s worth considering picking up this model, even if it weighs more on the vintage side.

The models being offered at this price point are the Space Grey and Silver 38mm variants with Sports Band. Apple Watch Series 3 was released in September of 2017, at the same Keynote where the revolutionary iPhone X was announced. The Series 3 was the first Apple Watch to go cellular, but was also made a great water-resistant smartwatch, capable of tracking swimming and water sports. It set a great point for the evolution of the Apple Watch from there on out. 

For $149, the Series 3 can be a great starter Apple Watch for young children. You can track their activity, heart rate, and location. It also could provide them with some extra motivation to go outdoors and play sports. Of course, going with a near 5-year old watch you’ll be missing out on many features, not to mention the lack of support for future watchOS updates. However, it is still compatible with the latest version of watchOS and provides many of the essential, beloved Apple Watch features. 

An Apple Watch can make a great gift for a child, but don’t forget that they can break. It could be wise to invest in a case or screen protector for the watch. How do you feel about Walmart offering the Series 3 for $149?