Unlock your home door with your Apple Watch

One of the great things about watchOS 8 is the deeper integration with HomeKit. If you weren’t aware, there are many smart home accessories which can be controlled from your Apple Watch.

One simplified way to add more connectivity and smartness to your home is through a HomeKit-enabled door lock. Take a look at how smooth the experience looks like, from this Reddit user below:

Apple provides simple instructions on how to set up a HomeKit-enabled door lock.

HomeKit also has great commercial use cases as well. There are many hotels that have HomeKit locks for keyless room entry, for example, many Hyatt hotels in the US. Hyatt describes it as using an “iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock guestrooms and key card-protected common areas like gyms, pools, and elevators – no need to open an app or handle a traditional plastic room key”.

apple watch hyatt watchapplist

Amazon offers great HomeKit enabled smart door locks which work with the Apple Watch.

  1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock ($199 Amazon)
August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock watchapplist

2. Level Lock Smart Lock ($249 Amazon)

Level Lock Smart Lock watchapplist