Tips and tricks to save battery on Apple Watch


With the latest release of the Apple Watch Series 7, upgrading for battery life is more attractive than ever. If you’re still rocking an older Apple Watch, here are some ways you can save some sweet apple juice during your day.

1: Disable the GPS

A big power drain for your Apple Watch is the continuous location tracking that is happening. Navigating with your watch consumes even more juice, so you don’t count on your Apple Watch to guide your route if you’re trying to preserve battery life. To disable the GPS on your Apple Watch, simply wake your Apple Watch > Settings > General > Location Services, and toggle the off option.


2: Don’t call

Calling with cellular on your Apple Watch is the easiest way to drain its battery. Unless you’re only calling for a short amount of time, always try and use your phone. Also, using Bluetooth headsets with the watch is fine for a short run, however, if you’re on a flight, you may want to connect to your phone to ensure you still have battery left for after.

3: Adjust Haptic Feedback

Whenever you receive alerts or notifications, your Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine creates the vibration you feel. Since this consumes power, if you have hundreds of alerts coming in every day, you may want to lower the haptic’s strength. To do this: open your watch > setting > sounds and haptics > adjust the strength of the haptic feedback. An additional tip, you could choose which apps are allowed to send you notifications.


4: Darker Watch Face

The last way to save battery on your Apple Watch is to set a dark watch face. This can help reduce battery since the OLED display technology included in every Apple Watch can turn off individual pixels, so every time the screen goes dark your Apple Watch will be saving juice.


With these tips and tricks you should be seeing improved battery life on your Apple Watch. Do you have any more suggestions?