Time tracking with haptic feedback on Apple Watch

Many Apple Watch owners use their watches as daily health and fitness devices, supporting them at the gym, outside the gym, or simply when doing physical activities. Not surprisingly many health insurance companies now offer free of heavily subsidized Apple Watches to their customers because of the huge health benefits an Apple Watch can have on its user.

One of the key elements to solid workouts is time tracking. The fitness app Python PTS is a great app for keeping track of your training sessions. It uses an innovative timing system which provides you with both, audio and haptic feedback. This has a tremendous benefit which may be perhaps not obvious at first glance – but it allows you to focus on your workout without having to look at your Apple Watch! In other words, Python PTS makes you aware of the time without seeing it.

The app has 4 different timer modes: Time, Interval, Rest, and HIIT. To adapt to your physical condition, you will be able to select 4 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Unrealistic). Another cool feature is “Python Coaching” (available through an in-app-purchase), making the workout tougher, since it will randomly speed up your workouts, forcing you to push even harder.

Python PTS also has a useful Data Hub for viewing your past workouts, as well as an Apple Health integration. Of course it also keeps track of your heart rate, which is very important. As Python PTS is a universal fitness app, it can be used by swimmers, weight lifters, runners, cross fit enthusiasts, skiers, snowboarders, and many others.

Download Python PTS here for free and upgrade your physical condition!