The ultimate running app for Apple Watch

When Apple released the Series 2 Apple Watch with integrated GPS, I got excited and bought it. Unfortunately I soon realized that I still had to take my iPhone with me when running, simply because I wanted to listen to music, and focus on my run without constantly looking at my iPhone or Apple Watch. The existing running apps did not do the job, and didn’t support wireless headphones.

Today Running Nerd solves this annoying problem. Running Nerd is the first smart running voice assistant which works directly on your Apple Watch.

The app is great because it doesn’t require an iPhone to work, and actually you don’t have to look at your Apple Watch at all.
Some of my favorite features:

  • Connects directly with wireless headphones (AirPods are supported as well)
  • Doesn’t require iPhone to work
  • Watches your heart rate, and notifies you when it’s out of your recommended zone (done automatically)
  • Tells you your current pace, and predicts time to finish target distance
  • Works with music from your Apple Watch in background
  • Integrated with Apple Health

So chances are high that you have gone through a bunch of running apps. And admittedly, some are pretty good. But Running Nerd’s features make it my go to running app.

To up your running game, download Running Nerd here for $5.99 (well worth it)!

Also, check out the video below to see how Running Nerd works.