The most impactful Apple Watch Series

Over the years, Apple has released numerous versions of the Apple Watch. Each had their upgrades from the last, however here we’ll list from worst to best, the impact of each Apple Watch Series. For obvious reasons, we won’t be including the Series 0.


5: Apple Watch Series 1


The Series 1 is a confusing iteration of the watch. In itself, it’s only a speed bump from the original Apple Watch. That means that it went from a single-core processor to a dual-core processor. Otherwise, the watch remains widely unchanged from the Series 0.

4: Apple Watch Series 5

The Series 5 is Apple’s latest iteration of its popular smartwatch. Even though there’s nothing that comes close to what the Series 5 can achieve, it hasn’t drastically changed from the Series 4. This is why many people who already own the S4 are deciding to be patient until the Series 6 releases.


The main changes are the addition of an internal compass, and worldwide emergency SOS calling. These features may be great for hikers or travelers, but for the everyday Jim, these features aren’t really major upgrades.

3: Apple Watch Series 3

The two biggest upgrades of the Series 3 are its speedier processor and optional cellular connectivity. Apple claimed the watch was up to 70% faster than the S2, however like many find, Apple can often overestimate their product’s speed. Also, many people chose not to opt for the cellular version, simply because it was an additional $100.


Apart from those two upgrades, the only other differences are improved heart rate tracking, and faster Wi-Fi and bluetooth. The only change in external design is a red ring around the digital crown. Series 3‘s display also stays the same rectangular shape.

2: Apple Watch Series 2

The Series 2 was a nice improvement from the last generation. Some upgrades included were: Swim-proofing for up to 50 meters of depth, an integrated GPS sensor, a force-touch 1000 nit display, new ceramic casing, and more…


This Apple Watch iteration improved in many ways. For one, athletes could now go on runs without needing the assistance of their iPhone to track their run, or they could go swimming in the pool without any worries since the watch was rated better for water-resistance. Also, just about everyone would be cheerful to know that with the two times brighter display, they could now see the screen’s content even in very bright conditions.

1: Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 was undoubtedly the biggest improvement of the Apple Watch. It introduced some huge changes, like the much bigger display because of thinner bezels, a 2x faster processor than the S3, the ability to take an ECG, and many others…


Series 4‘s display corners were now rounded, which led to a much more pleasing look for the watch. The ECG feature of the wearable made headlines, becoming an essential health tool, helping many discover heart rhythm irregularities much sooner than otherwise. The watch became much faster: opening any app and just scrolling through the watch was way more fluid. The watch also slimmed down the body a bit, helping it become more sleek on your wrist.

What is your favorite Apple Watch Series?