The best features of the upcoming iPhone 12

Since the launch of the iPhone X back in 2017, Apple hasn’t really brought any major changes to the iPhone. Consumers have been holding onto their iPhones for longer periods of time, and this shows. iPhone sales have declined in recent years because that two-and-a-half-year-old iPhone X can still do 80% of what the newest iPhone 11 Pro can.

However, this may all change with the iPhone 12. There are going to be many huge changes, from possible virtual buttons to a port-less enclosure.


We aren’t certain whether Apple will remove the volume buttons on the next iPhone, but doing so would bring significant improvements. Removing them would mean better waterproofing as well as increased durability. Also, there are rumors of Apple removing the charging port on the future iPhone. This would mean a full transition to wireless charging. The only problem we can see with this is for situations when you would like to charge while handling your phone. Hopefully, the battery will be large enough for extensive full-day use, so you only need to charge during the night.

According to certain sources, 5G might. be arriving in September to the iPhones, but not all of them. Apple is reportedly reserving this technology for higher-end iPhones. Even if Apple doesn’t include 5G on their phones, it’s not a big deal. 5G isn’t in all metropolitan areas yet, so only certain users would be able to use this feature if it even came.


The new iPhones might get an iPhone 4-like design, with flat edges around the device. Also, we might see slightly slimmer iPhones, which is always good news. Finally, the best feature of the new iPhones will be OLED displays everywhere.

What are you excited about in the iPhone 12?