The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is Your Adventure Companion

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is your ultimate underwater companion, ready to track your dives, measure water temperature, and keep an eye on the time.

Dive into the Details:

The built-in Depth app transforms your Apple Watch Ultra 2 into a mini dive computer, perfect for recreational activities like snorkeling, shallow free-diving, and leisurely pool swims.

What it Measures:

  • Current and maximum depth: Track how deep you’ve ventured and stay within safe recreational limits (up to 130 feet or 40 meters).
  • Underwater duration: Keep an eye on how long you’ve been submerged, ensuring safe and enjoyable dives.
  • Water temperature: Stay comfortable and aware of the water conditions with real-time temperature readings.

Safety First:

Remember, Apple Watch Ultra 2 is not a replacement for a professional dive computer. It does not provide crucial information like decompression stops or gas analysis needed for serious diving. Always prioritize safety by using a secondary depth gauge and timer, especially for dives where equipment failure could be dangerous.

apple watch ultra 2 dive

Seamless Experience:

The Depth app is designed for ease of use. Choose to have it launch automatically when submerged, or open it manually with a tap or press of the Action button. Customize the app to display readings in your preferred units (feet/meters and Fahrenheit/Celsius) for a personalized experience.

Built to Withstand the Depths:

Apple Watch Ultra 2 is crafted to be your reliable underwater companion. It’s water-resistant up to 130 feet, dynamically adjusts for altitude changes, and functions seamlessly from freezing to warm water temperatures.

Ready to Explore?

Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or simply enjoy exploring the underwater world, Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the perfect wrist companion. It offers valuable insights, keeps you safe, and lets you experience the thrill of the deep to the fullest. So grab your mask, fins, and Apple Watch Ultra 2, and dive into your next aquatic adventure!

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