The Apple Watch Series X will be the lineup’s biggest redesign ever

2024 marks a significant milestone for the Apple Watch—it’s the 10th anniversary of the device’s debut. To celebrate this occasion, Apple is rumored to be launching its most substantial redesign yet with the Apple Watch Series X. Here’s why this new model is poised to be a landmark in wearable tech.

Just as the iPhone X was a major leap forward to mark the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, the Apple Watch Series X is expected to showcase a similar evolution. Since its introduction, the Apple Watch has only seen minor aesthetic updates, with the most notable changes in Series 4 and Series 7, which featured thinner bezels. This year, Apple is set to make a bold departure from previous designs, potentially introducing a flatter, more refined look that aligns with their current design language.

The rumored slimness of the Series X seems to take cues from the 2024 M4 iPad Pro, noted as the thinnest device in Apple’s lineup. This influence is evident in the new, flatter display and the sleek, squared-off body design that mirrors recent MacBooks. Such a design not only enhances the watch’s aesthetic but also improves its durability and manufacturing cost-effectiveness.

A significant feature of the Series X is the innovative band mounting mechanism that utilizes magnets. This change is not just cosmetic but functional, creating more internal space. This could allow for a thinner design or a larger battery—or perhaps both. Such advancements show Apple’s commitment to enhancing user convenience and device longevity.

One of the most anticipated upgrades is the new LTPO display technology that improves power efficiency, which could mean a brighter display or extended battery life. Given the constraints of current models, any improvement in battery life would be a substantial benefit, especially for users who rely on their watches for extended periods during the day.

The Series X isn’t just about aesthetic changes. With potential AI enhancements and improved voice pickup capabilities, Apple aims to make the Apple Watch more intuitive and helpful in daily tasks. These advancements reflect Apple’s broader push towards integrating AI more deeply into its ecosystem.

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The Apple Watch Series X is shaping up to be more than just an iterative update; it represents a significant leap in design and functionality. With its sleek new look inspired by the thinnest iPad ever, and potential improvements in usability and battery life, the Series X could redefine what users expect from a smartwatch. As Apple continues to innovate, the Series X may indeed offer the compelling reasons needed for both new buyers and longtime users to upgrade.