The Apple Watch Series 6 to include improved ECG

The Apple Watch Series 6 is launching this September, and it is going to include many new features and possible design changes. Now, we know that the next generation will also include improved ECG capabilities.

Yesterday, we covered the potential blood oxygen monitoring, but it seems that Apple is looking to take the Apple Watch’s health features even further.

Apple released the ECG feature on the Apple Watch Series 4 in 2018. Many people first thought this was a gimmick, but ECG monitoring on the Apple Watch has proven its usefulness. However, the feature could sometimes deliver inconclusive readings for heart rates between 100 to 120 bpm.

In the next Apple Watch, or possibly even with watchOS 7, Apple will eliminate this possibility, so the ECG feature on Apple Watch will get more reliable.

Have you ever looked at someone’s watchface and desired the same one? Well, watchOS 7 will finally allow different Apple Watch users to share their watchfaces. Additionally, many Apple Watch users have requested the ability to create your own watchface, yet its unclear if Apple will add this to watchOS 7.

Lastly, you might soon be able to set up multiple Apple Watches from one single iPhone, This can be great for parents who aren’t ready for their child to bear an iPhone just yet, but are ok with their little ones sporting a little Apple Watch. Hopefully, Apple will surprise us all with a Kids edition of the Apple Watch. This edition would be less expensive, perhaps include a rubber material, and simplify the overall features or experience.

What do you looking forward to in watchOS 7?