The Apple Watch Series 6 may include blood oxygen monitering

According to a new find in the future iOS 14 code, Apple might be looking to introduce blood oxygen monitoring to the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is already an incredible health device, so adding this feature would secure the Apple Watch’s place as the best smartwatch even more.

For a normal human, blood oxygen saturation shifts during the day, yet if the saturation varies too much, the person may have certain health problems. If your blood oxygen level is below 95%, you may be in danger of a significant cardiac issue.

In the iOS 14 code was found signs of an Apple Watch feature relating to blood oxygen saturation. The goal of this feature is to tell the user if their blood oxygen levels fall under a given percentage. This is in fact similar to what the Apple Watch already does with the heart rate notifications.  Back in 2015, when the Apple Watch Series 0 launched, iFixit found that the Apple Watch contained the right sensors to be able to track blood oxygen levels and certain other health functions.  However, Apple never introduced this feature into the Apple Watch as a result of stability problems. Of course, Apple wouldn’t want to add a feature that wasn’t fully ready yet.


We’re not yet sure whether the Apple Watch will have to introduce entirely new sensors to monitor this health feature. Hopefully, Apple will realise the Apple Watch’s full potential by introducing this feature to multiple Apple Watch generations in watchOS 7. Anyways, we’re nearly certain that this feature will come this year, one way or another. We have seen this feature arise in competitors’ smartwatches, yet we’re hoping that Apple will introduce a better version.

Are you looking forward to this?