The Apple Watch Series 6 Could Have A Round Display

The Apple Watch’s design has stayed almost unchanged for the past couple of years. Apart from a couple of new materials and colors, the watch’s screen has had the same shape through the generations. New rumors indicate that the next Apple Watch may come with a new display.

Apple likes to use what it knows will work. This is why we don’t see any drastic design changes regularly. The tech giant wants to make sure it gets the perfect design before a big change is made. This makes sense – people may react poorly to something that is unknown to them.

We already know that the Apple Watch Series 6 is going to bring a lot of changes: improved waterproofing, a faster processor, better audio, and perhaps a micro-LED display. Now, a product designer has shows what they envision the next Apple Watch might look like.

The design is quite different from what we see today in the Apple Watch. Nonetheless, we believe the design looks quite fashionable and resembles a traditional watch closer than the current square form factor of the Series 5. Perhaps including a circular display would pose some challenges – there could be less space for complications. On the bright side, the app layout would look absolutely fantastic.


Having a circular display definitely brings a series of pros and cons. Apart from a sleeker look, there’d be no real motivation for Apple to pursuit this design. However, Apple has surprised us in the past – what’s to say that can’t do it again?

How do you feel about a circular display on the Apple Watch Series 6?