The Any Distance App for Apple Watch Makes Your Fitness Journey Great

Any Distance is a fantastic app that brings a breath of fresh air to your fitness regimen, offering a seamless integration of workout tracking and social networking. Step into a fitness-focused environment, free from algorithms, ads, and competition, uniting you with a tight-knit community of friends who share the same fitness goals.

With Any Distance, you can establish your own Active Club, an intimate social circle limited to 100 like-minded friends. Within this ad-free, algorithm-free haven, you have the freedom to share milestones, motivate each other, and celebrate your victories, devoid of any performance comparison.


Your progress is kept private by default, preserving the sanctity of your personal journey. However, if you decide to share your activities, you have the option to hide specific statistics such as time and pace, ensuring an encouraging, judgment-free space for you and your companions.

Keep the momentum going with our unique weekly engagement feature. Upload your weekly activity to unlock access to your friends’ posts, nurturing an environment of inclusion and mutual encouragement.

Any Distance supports an impressive range of 90+ activities on iPhone and Apple Watch. From stroller walking and dog walking to wheelchair-based workouts and recumbent cycling, the app opens doors to an active lifestyle for everyone.

With our reward system, you can earn achievement medals and digital collectibles, including exclusive rewards from partners like Vacation, lululemon, Hipcamp, Atoms, and the Any Distance store.

Your privacy is our utmost priority. With Apple Sign-in, minimal data storage, adjustable privacy settings, and a safety message for workouts, we ensure a secure fitness journey. Stay tuned for more privacy enhancements in the upcoming year.

Sync effortlessly with Apple Health, Garmin, and Wahoo. Any Distance’s compatibility with thousands of apps across the App Store makes it the perfect companion for your wellness journey.

Customize your experience as per your preference and enjoy a visually pleasing, user-friendly interface that’s easy on the eyes and effortless to navigate.

Stay ahead of the curve with our upcoming features like public Active Clubs for groups, brands, and companies, and a myriad of discovery options to enhance your active lifestyle.

Add a creative touch to your fitness journey with our unique shareable templates, showcasing your activities in stunning 3D and AR on your other social platforms.

You can download Any Distance here.

Check out this tweet from Luke Beard, who won a prestigious Apple Design Award for the Any Distance app.