Stylish Italian Made Apple Watch Bands

Who doesn’t love the Apple Watch at this point? Since it was released in 2014, millions of people started to rely on it as a daily driver, and rapidly some companies took on personalizing it with custom bands. Sure, the original bands Apple makes are still pretty good, but for those who want it to become a little more personal, should look for third party bands.

The Italian startup Meridio makes premium Apple Watch bands in a bunch of different high quality leather finishes, including Suede, Ostrich, Nappa, and more. Today we are taking a look at the Ocean Floor Suede finish band. Get a 15% discount by using the code “watchapplist_15” at checkout!

Meridio Band Apple Watch

Suede leather with its napped finish gives the band and watch a very unique look and feel. It is very comfortable on the wrist, although it is slightly thicker than the average band. The white stitching is a nice stylish contrast to the blue color, and it even might get you some compliments from people.

Meridio states that they’re “exalting the great Italian tradition and at the same time to pay homage to a contemporary and highly technological instrument”. And indeed, you can not deny that the finely crafted band simply looks great on the modern Apple Watch.

Meridio even lets you further personalize their bands with custom engraving. You can request to get your initials engraved for an additional €10 – this actually makes a perfect gift.

Meridio Band Apple Watch

If you want to bring a premium look to your Apple Watch Series 1/2/3, you should definitely check out Meridio for their high quality bands.