Stylish DHL X CASETiFY collection with Apple Watch bands and more

The best way to customize the look and feel of your Apple Watch, is through a different band. DHL and CASETiFY partnered up on an awesome collection, which includes Apple Watch bands, iPhone cases, wireless charging pads, AirPods cases and more.

CASETiFY is known for their simple platform to customize your tech product cases. The recent partnership however, took things on a whole new level of coolness.

Take a look at these bright cases and bands below:

casetify-dhl-watchapplist casetify-dhl-watchapplist casetify-dhl-watchapplist

Unfortunately some of the collection quickly sold out, but you can still grab the trendy wireless charging cases. Alternatively, take a look at eBay or other resellers if this collaboration caught your eye. You can also grab other CASETiFY Apple Watch bands here. You will get 20% off (when you buy 2 products).

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