sMiles: Earn Bitcoin with your iPhone and Apple Watch

Bitcoin. Although not everybody owns Bitcoin, most people have heard about it. The digital currency is revolutionary on many levels. Today, there are many great apps to buy Bitcoin, and most prominently Coinbase (download here).

Buying Bitcoin is great, but what about earning it? Imagine earning Bitcoin just through being active. A new app called sMiles is on the horizon, which promises exactly that (early access).

One Bitcoin can be divided into 100 million satoshis. One satoshi, in short “sat”, is the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin. Through a technology called the Lightning Network, sMiles is able to securely send Bitcoin to users with no delay.


How does sMiles work?

sMiles rewards users based on their physical activity. The more you walk, run, or bike, the more Bitcoin you get. This is amazing, as people become incentivized to be healthy with real Bitcoin. To see how much Bitcoin you earned on any given day, simply go to the Activity screen, which shows a summary of your daily earnings. Another cool incentive to be active, is the Leaderboard, which ranks sMiles users globally. Granted, it will be hard to get the number 1 spot, but nevertheless it’s cool to see who is currently leading globally.


The second way to earn Bitcoin on sMiles, is through checking daily offers. A key part about these offers, is to watch rewarded videos inside the app, or play games. The rewarded videos are short, and can get you up to 100 sats. There is currently only one game, a fortune wheel, where you can win up to 700 sats.


For Apple Watch users: we’ve heard about a fun easter egg inside the Apple Watch app (tip: knock knock). Download it and see for yourself.

What to do with your Bitcoin?

Once you reach the threshold to withdraw Bitcoin, simply get a Bitcoin Lightning wallet app from the App Store, and withdraw your Bitcoin instantly. It’s as simple as that.

sMiles is about to launch a public beta, and you can get early access here.