Sleek charging stand for your Apple Watch and iPhone

We reviewed a bunch of cool Apple Watch accessories, but this all-in-one charging stand is one of our favorites. Twelve South is known to build beautiful Apple only accessories. And the HiRise Duet is a truly remarkable stand worth getting.


If you have ever bought a Twelve South Apple accessory, you know what their products are about. They are well designed, innovative, and premium built.

A product which we particularly love is their HiRise Duet stand. It’s a two in one stand: you can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. It is an elegant solution, and declutters your desk. The stand is made from premium metal, and napa leather. The great thing is that both, the Apple Watch charger, and Lightning cable are seamlessly integrated, making the stand really “stand out”.

The HiRise Duet it fully adjustable to fit any case thicknesses on your iPhone, and all Apple Watch bands.

If you want to upgrade your Apple Watch and iPhone stands, we suggest buying the HiRise Duet. Get it here for $119.