Simple note taking on Apple Watch

There are several great note taking apps for the iPhone today, but on Apple Watch the options so far have been pretty limited. This created an interesting opportunity for app developers to build a solid notes app for the Apple Watch from the ground up.


Today, we will be taking a closer look at QNote (get it here for $0.99). QNote is a very simple note taking app which focuses on the fundamentals. You can write down any notes, create unlimited lists, or use it as a practical reminder on your wrist. Many note taking apps are overloaded with functionality which you will never use, and it’s great to have an app which focuses on the essentials – simple note taking.

The iPhone and iPad app also allows you to easily share your notes with other apps or contacts. Another super handy feature, especially for visually impaired people, is that QNote can read out notes to you. This can be tremendously helpful, especially since it’s a feature which many other apps have been missing so far.

You can also take a look at other apps the developers at Connecting People Software build, by clicking this link.

If you want a simple notes app for your Apple Watch, you should get QNote here for only $0.99.