Should you purchase the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro Edition?

The recent leaks of the Apple Watch Series 8 have given us many insights as to the features and goals of the mode. Per the event calendar, this version will replace the previous Series 7 at the 2022 September Event, alongside the baseline Series 8.

Last year’s Series 7 served as a huge screen upgrade, pushing the limits of what was possible in the available real estate on the watch. But soon, we can expect the upgrades to take a different form with the Series 8 Pro

The Series 7 is the latest iteration of the Apple Watch

The heart rate zone tracking introduced in watchOS 9 gives us a big tell as to what the Series 8 could include: an updated, more accurate heart rate sensor, as well as a body temperature sensor. These could help the Series 8 feature adaptive zone tracking, meant to account for differences, in weather, atmosphere, and users. We’ve heard rumours of body temperature tracking on the Apple Watch for years now, but the Series 8 brings the highest chance of including it, per reports.

Additionally, the Apple Watch Series 8 could be the first to sport functionally different editions of the watch. That means, apart from different casings and colours, there will be a different model in the lineup. According to our sources, this new edition is set to be called the Apple Watch Series 8 Pro.

The ‘Exporer Edition’ of the Series 8 will reportedly feature a more rugged construction. This means it would be more resistant to scratches, drops, scuffs, and could even have an improved water-resistance rating. This information is helped by the recent watchOS 9 swimming activities improvements. We believe the Pro Edition Series 8 would come in at a $799 MSRP, double the price of the regular Series 8.

Of course, this model isn’t for everyone. With that steep price tag, this model is being targeted at athletes and pro-level users. If you find yourself often going hiking, mountain biking, or other, the Series 8 Pro may be worth to take into consideration?

Would you buy this edition of the watch? Let us know.