Should you go to the beach with your Apple Watch?

Apple has done a good job of making their smartwatches water-resistant, yet these don’t talk all that much about ocean water. Here’s what you should do. 

Yes, swimming is very fun, and bringing your Apple Watch along for the ride can offer nice insights, yet we recommend against swimming with your Apple Watch in ocean water. The reason? There’s a lot of bacteria [citation needed], harmful bacteria, that is floating around in the water. These can be potentially more damaging to your Apple Watch than regular freshwater.

If you want to take a shower or swim in an indoor pool with your Apple Watch, then go ahead, however, users should be more prudent around the ocean. You can check on Apple’s Website whether your Apple Watch is water-resistant or not.



If you’re traveling somewhere where the water is salty, then you definitely shouldn’t bring your Apple Watch along with you. Seawater has a lot of salt in it, which can strongly damage your Apple Watch if it gets inside the enclosure, and it can even damage the exterior if exposed for too long. So if you want to be spending your days at sea and you absolutely need your Apple Watch with you, then we recommend getting a special case for your watch, and regularly washing it.

Do you go swimming with your Apple Watch?