Should you buy the new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro?

Yesterday, we covered the newly released Magic Keyboard from Apple, for the iPad Pro. It’s an outstanding accessory for your iPad Pro, seamlessly integrating a full-fledged keyboard and trackpad combo. Most people are cautious about spending $300+ on an accessory, and we must admit that it’s not for everyone.

Here’s our guide to if you should purchase the new Magic Keyboard for your iPad Pro.

There are many reasons why people buy iPads. Some use it mainly for drawing, others for content consuming, others for typing up documents, and some to edit photos and videos. The use cases for this device are endless, but let’s stick to these four.

1: Drawing

If you find yourself rarely reaching for anything other than the Apple Pencil, chances are you most likely don’t need a real physical keyboard, and even less a trackpad. For those rare moments a drawer needs to type something, we believe that the virtual keyboard will greatly suffice. So if you’re mostly drawing on your iPad Pro, you probably won’t ever need the Magic Keyboard.

2: Content Consuming

We think you already know what we’re going to say about this one. You most definitely don’t need the Magic Keyboard if the main occupation on your iPad Pro is content consuming. Heck, if that’s what you do on the iPad Pro most of the time, chances are you’re not using it to its fullest potential. A much cheaper iPad would certainly do the job nearly as well for a fraction of the cost.

3: Typing up documents

Truth be told, this is the only scenario where we think it’d be a smart idea to purchase the Magic Keyboard. The typing experience with this keyboard will be unmatched by any other keyboard accessory, and the trackpad will greatly come in handy when you need to select and edit text. So if you’re typing up documents and creating presentations on the regular, we recommend purchasing the Magic Keyboard.

4: Editing photos and videos

If you spend most of your time on the iPad editing photos and videos, we think it wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase this accessory. It really comes down to what you’re doing: if you’re mostly editing photos then you probably won’t need it, but a user who edits video professionally on the iPad Pro could want this accessory. There’s no real yes or no with this one.


There is one exception to all of these cases though – if you’re replacing your laptop with the iPad Pro. If this is your case, and you’ve decided to use the iPad Pro as your only or main device, then we recommend considering the Magic Keyboard. If you’re leaving the laptop world, this is the closest thing you can get to a real keyboard and trackpad combo.

Are you looking to buy a Magic Keyboard for your iPad Pro?