Should Apple Make An Apple Watch Pro?

If you take a look at Apple’s product range, you’ll find that most products have a “Pro” version of them. From AirPods Pro to MacBook Pro, there’s no escaping the name. We’ll see if Apple should make an Apple Watch Pro.

Before anything else, we have to start with the big question. Why would Apple create an Apple Watch Pro?

There are a couple of reasons why Apple could be interested in creating a Pro version. Apple wants to make the best product possible, and sometimes, in doing that, the price tag can get quite high. Having a regular version as well as a Pro version would let Apple make its best product without any financial boundaries in mind.

Some users may just want a good smartwatch that can track their activity and make phone calls, while other users may want a smartwatch that is feature-packed and knows no limits. After all, not all people have the same budget. Apple has done this many times. For example, the iPhone 11 has great value, and it comes with everything you need in a smartphone. However, the 11 Pro has everything you need, and more. Not everyone needs such a pricey device, but it’ll at least be there for whoever wants it.


There are multiple things we could expect from an Apple Watch Pro, such as smart bands, refined health features, and higher-quality materials. Perhaps, the Apple Watch Pro could come in a different shape than the regular version. The possibilities are endless.

All in all, adding a Pro version of the Apple Watch would mean more features, a wider audience, and more satisfied customers. Would you purchase the Apple Watch Pro?