Secure your iPhone with your Apple Watch

Worldwide, millions of iPhones are stolen every single year. How do you avoid your iPhone from being stolen? Maybe it’s obvious, but the best way do that, is to prevent it in the first place.

The Apple Watch app Direwolf – Secure solves this issue. Direwolf’s anti-theft service is activated when you want it to be active, for example when you’re in a public place. The app uses the built in Bluetooth of the Apple Watch, and accelerometer on the iPhone to detect when your iPhone is removed from your pocket or purse. When this occurs, you get an audible alert – which will allow you to immediately take appropriate action.

Direwolf also works when you are away from your phone, for example when you forget it on a bench or a restaurant table.

Thanks to Direwolf, you’ll be able to react fast and very likely avoid your iPhone from being stolen. But even in the worst case scenario, if the thief is completely out of sight, you can still lock your iPhone to make sure that no one has access to your data.

Get Direwolf – Secure for your Apple Watch for only $1.99.

Direwolf Apple Watch